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Welcome to the Northern British Bike Championship

Poachers Pre 65 Trials Club are proud to co-ordinate the Northern British Bike Championship.


Currently a seven round road trial series for classic pre 65 British solo trials bikes.

Our events are supported by some of the most active companies in off road sport.  


Each round consists of a single lap of ideally 25 miles with approximately 60% off road and 40% using minor B and C roads.  


Each of the seven host clubs is responsible for setting out their own event and most events have approximately 35 sections that have dual routes for Expert and Clubman riders.  


Riders results will count towards the final Championship position with awards usually being presented at the Dirt Bike Show in February where the NBBC displays a stand.


                  2018 award winners, trophies presented by Dougy Lampkin.

                                        Photo by Tim Britton media Ltd.


DSC_0081 Presentation photo - 2018 Awards Final Standings 2019

              Dates for 2020

Mar 29th  Poachers Bag

(Poachers Pre65)


Apr 5th    Derbyshire Trial      

(Midland Classic)


May 31st   Reliance                

(Poachers Pre65) South Liverpool


Jun  28th   Stanhope Classic    



Jul  12th    West Riding            

(Yorkshire Classic)


Aug 9th     Croesi'r Ddyffryn Dyfrdwy  (Llangollen)


Oct 4th   Red Rose   ----- TBC